Blue Delivery

Release Notes

Version – 15.05.2024

  • BugFix: item page blue delivery

Version – 03.04.2024

  • Fixed issue: appending all items in Goods Structure (Delivery per location)
  • The field “Tracking No.” will be updated at return order, receipts, credit memo documents from Delivery.
  • Set correct “Pick up from” when delivery is created per location.
  • Update «Sell-to Phone No.» and «Sell-to Email» at Delivery if Ship-to Address functionality is used.
  • Collect Shipment. Get source documents (only shipments) in the Delivery page.
  • Exclude from Delivery. Added new functionality and setup to avoid creation of delivery for Packing Cost, Packaging and shipping lines.
  • Goods and Delivery has been added to Return Order, Posted Return Receipts, Credit Memo, Posted Sales Credit Memo.
  • Added compatibility with the last version of Business Central (2024 Wave 1).
  • Added norwegian translation.
  • Reorder fields and actions in Delivery page.

Version – 31.01.2024

  • Fixed permission issue during the creation of delivery from Posted documents.
  • Fixed filter for select items in warehouse activity lines.

Version – 09.01.2024

  • Your Reference field will be copied to Consignee Reference field when the delivery is created.
  • Order No. will be copied to Consignor Reference field when the delivery is created.
  • Added support for delivery time (Bring Integration).
  • Sender and Recipient references will take the value from Consignor/Consignee Reference field (Bring Integration)

Version – 03.01.2024

  • Fixed issue with submission to Bring.

Version – 29.12.2023

  • Changed standard nShift URI to use https communication.
  • Added to new fields Consignor Reference No. and Consignee Reference No. to the delivery page.
  • Hide logo caption.
  • Added the field “Account Name” to several lists in order to identify easily the differents accounts from the same carrier.
  • Fixed issue with label format for nShift integration.

Version – 11.08.2023

  • Deliveries are not created anymore with Preview Posting.
  • Added possibility to repackage goods at Posted Sales Invoices and Posted Sales Shipments (for example, put all packages on a pallet).
  • During Copy Document, Create Delivery parameter is not copied but updated from Delivery Setup.
  • Adjustments in page captions and tooltips.
  • Added possibility to add more than one Shipment to a Delivery. This is useful for combined Shipments.
  • Added new option to Delivery Setup. Suppress Created Delivery Message.
  • User dialogs are not visible for for example Web Services, API)
  • Old action “Sum Weight” has been removed from Goods Structure. Weight is now calculated automatically.
  • In Source Documents subpage was possible to enter incorrect values in Source Name. The values are now validated properly.
  • Removed obsolete fields.
  • Adjustments in Append Item functionality.

Version – 21.03.2023

  • Added support for consignee, consignor or other payer in delivery.
  • Fixed issue with pick up address.
  • Added support for split lines in inventory picks.
  • Fix issues with calculated weights.
  • Fix issues with transfer goods for inventory pick.
  • Diverse changes in fields (visibility).
  • Fixed issue with permissions (delivery).
  • Fixed diverse issues in Assisted Setup pages.
  • Fixed issue with freezing delivery page.

Version – 13.03.2023

  • Added freight integrations with Bring, nShift and Logistra Cargonizer.
  • Register more advanced information for your goods units (packages, pallets, etc.) on Sales Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Transfer Orders, Warehouse Picks, Warehouse Shipments, Inventory Picks.
  • You can book transport (delivery) with your carrier from 365 Business Central directly.
  • Receive labels and other freight documents directly into 365 Business Central automatically.
  • Blue Delivery supports all requirements from different carriers (as Bring) and multi carriers (as nShift, Logistra Cargonizer).
  • “What is packed in what”.
  • Support for Lot and Serial No.
  • Dangerous Goods

Version – 04.07.2022

  • Fix Append Items
  • Handling multiple Shipments and transfer more information to Delivery
  • Translation Assisted Setup.

Version – 14.06.2022

  • Print Goods Information – Word Layout
  • Some descriptions changed.
  • Delievery Unit Management extended

Version – 09.06.2022

  • Initial release.