Blue Customs Tariff App

User Manual

General Information

Blue Customs Tariff App is an app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This app allows you to:

  • Import customs tariff numbers for a specific country and language directly from the customs authorities.
  • Assign customs tariff numbers easily to your items.
  • Set up tariff numbers for different countries on an item.

About customs tariff (HS)

A customs tariff number is the unique classification of goods in the harmonized system (HS) according to their material and, if applicable, their intended use. It’s used classifying goods for customs, statistical, and other purposes.

Each item can be assigned to exactly one customs tariff number. A customs tariff number is required on the most official shipping documents and the basis for import and export classification, ensuring uniformity of item classification worldwide.

How to install the app

On cloud

If you are currently using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on cloud, you can find and install Blue Customs Tariff from App Source Marketplace.

In Business Central search tool, type “Extension Marketplace”. This will open the marketplace from Microsoft App Source. You can find Blue Customs Tariff app there and install it to your Business Central tenant. Please contact us through the Buy a License request form and we will provide you a license key.


If you are using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on-premises, then you will receive an App file. This file must be published by your Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner into your Dynamics 365 Business Central server instance.

Blue Software team is available to assist you in case you need help during the installation of this app.


If you are using an account without SUPER permission set, you need to add the Blue Customs Tariff permission set to your account. This can be done from the user list. Make sure all users who are going to use the app has the right permission set.

Assisted Setup – Set up Customs Tariff

After the app is installed, you can use the Assisted Setup for Blue Customs Tariff.

Alternatively, you can find or setup parameters manually by using Customs Tariff Setup.

We highly recommend setting up Customs Tariff by using the Assisted Setup.

Remember to request a license before you start. Otherwise, you will receive an error message as shown below. Read the chapter How to register a new license.

Search for Assisted Setup and start it for Blue Customs Tariff:

Press Next to start the setup.

Tariff numbers can be country specific. Choose the country you want to use for import of tariff numbers. You can import country codes from several countries.

At this time only Norway is supported for both English and Norwegian description.

Press the Assist button for Country/Region Code and choose the country and language of your choice. Which language you choose depends on in what language you want to search in. So, if your official language is English, you would properly choose ENU:

Import the tariff numbers.

Press Start import Customs Tariff, this will import all tariff numbers for the country and language code you have chosen.

In the next step step you activate the tariff numbers which are relevant for your business.

If you for example dealing with furniture’s you don’t need the tariff numbers for live animals. Only tariff numbers which are activated will be shown when you assign a tariff number to an item.

You can always activate the tariff numbers to use later.

Press Activate Customs Tariff numbers. This will open a list of all imported tariff numbers where you can search and filter after the tariff numbers you need.

You have now finished your setup.

How to use

Find and activate imported Customs Tariff numbers

Search for Customs Tariff Overview.

Here you will find all imported tariff numbers where you also can search and where you can see which of them you have activated. You have more detailed information for tariff numbers in a factbox.

Assign Customs Tariff  to an item

Open an item and assign the Tariff No. (which is a standard field in 365 Business Central) by using the assist button:

This will bring you into the list of activated Customs Tariff numbers where you can search for the Tariff No. or any description:

Assign Customs Tariff  to several items

If you want to assign the same tariff no. to several items at the same time you can do this from the item list. If you for instance use Item Category Code to categorize your items, you can use it as a filter to find like items.

Mark the items you want to change and choose Assign Customs Tariff No.:

Assign country specific customs tariff  number to an item

You can have a situation where you need to assign several tariff numbers to one item because you want to support several countries. For instance, if you want to show the country specific tariff no. on your export documents.

As mentioned earlier there can be country specific tariff information (last four digits).

You can assign one or several country specific tariff number to an item from Item Card by using Assign Tariff No. for other countries:

Re-import / update existing tariff numbers

Tariff numbers are maintained by the customs authorities and can expire or new once can be created. Therefore, it is important that you update your tariff numbers sometimes.

Search for Customs Tariff Setup.

Choose Customs Tariff Import Setup. From here you can import the newest customs tariff numbers for a specific country and language by using Import Customs Tariff. Existing activation for tariff numbers will be kept.

How to request a new license

You can request a new license from the Blue Base Setup using Buy a license:

This will open a request form you have to fill inn and send to us.

You will receive a valid license key within 3 workdays.

Important: You need an own license key for each company that will use this app.

How to register your new license

Search after Blue Base Setup.
Place the new license key in the license key field for the specific app.

Check your licensee

Search after Blue Base Setup to check if you have a valid license under Actions -> Check License:

More information about Blue Software Apps

You can find more information about Blue Software Apps in or from the links in the Blue Base Setup page under Related -> Read more.


A list of changes will be published on this website. If you have an installation “On-premises” your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner must unpublish the current version and publish the new version for you. The customers using the cloud version will be upgraded automatically when a new version is released.


It is possible to uninstall and unpublish the app at any moment. You can perform these actions from the Extension Management page.

If you decide to install the app again later, all settings and configurations will be restored as they were previously. If you decide to remove the extension data under uninstallation, all data related to this app will be removed and it cannot be recovered later.