Blue Base App

User Manual

Short Description

Blue Base App is a free app that allows you to manage all licenses for Blue Software Apps which are the following:

  • Blue Goods lets you very easily register Goods Units (as packages, boxes, pall e.g.) with its parameters (like size, weight, and other parameters) which are important information during the shipping process.
  • If you need advanced functionality, such as freight calculation on sales quotes and orders, please, look at our Blue Freight Calculator
  • Do you need to register which items, you pack into which Goods Unit? Do you use Warehouse and want to register Goods Units on Warehouse picks? Do you want to have Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central fully integrated with forwarders? Then, look at our Blue Delivery

General Information

This app helps you to request and apply a new license for Blue Software Apps and it is only necessary if you install another Blue Software App.

How to install the app

On cloud

If you are currently using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on cloud you can find and install Blue Base from App Source Marketplace.

In Business Central search tool, type “Extension Marketplace”. This will open the marketplace from Microsoft App Source. You can find Blue Base app there and install it to your Business Central tenant. This app is free and not license is required.


If you are using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on-premises, then you will receive an App file. This file must be published by your Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner into your Dynamics 365 Business Central server instance.

Blue Software team is available to assist you in case you need help during the installation of this app.

After the publishing of the app in your instance, you need to install the app. This is something that you can do by yourself or with the help of your partner.

  1. Search by “Extensions Management”.
  2. Click on the extension called “Blue Base”
  3. Click on Next.
  4. Read and accept terms and click on Install.

Note: If you are using a hybrid solution (mix of on-premise installation on cloud servers) you can follow the same steps as described in this section.


If you are using an account without SUPER permission set, you need to add the BSW Blue Base permission set to your account. This can be done from the user list. Make sure all users which are going to use the app has the right permission set.

How to use

The app is already installed and configured automatically with a default configuration after the installation. You can already use this app to help you to request and apply the license for the different Blue Software Apps.

How to request a new license for Blue Software Apps

You can request a new license for the different available apps from our website ( or using our Blue Base App. You can find the Blue Base Setup page in the search box of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Under Related,  Buy a License actions you can find a button for the different apps. You must fill out the request form and Blue Software will contact you to provide the new license. You will receive a valid license key within 3 workdays.

How to register your new license

Search after Blue Base Setup. Place the new license key in the license key field for the specific app.

Check your license

Search after Blue Base Setup to check if you have a valid license under Actions, Check License.

More information about Blue Software Apps

You can find more information about Blue Software Apps in or from the links in the Blue Base Setup page under Related, Read more.


A list of changes will be published on this website. If you have an installation “On-premises” your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner must unpublish the current version and publish the new version for you. The customers using the cloud version will be upgraded automatically when a new version is released.


It is possible to uninstall and unpublish the app at any moment. You can perform these actions from the “Extension Management” page.

If you decide to install the app again later, all settings and configurations will be restored as they were previously. If you decide to remove the extension data under uninstallation, all data related to this app will be removed and it cannot be recovered later.